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Cityscape Cityscape

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Mindblowing. Enough Said.

Wow, just wow. I'm completely amazed that you were able to create something this amazing in such a short amount of time. I watched the video to see how you did it and I'm still in a state of disbelief.

It gives me hope to see such great works being submitted to newgrounds but at the same time gives me a feeling of unease because of such remarkable talent that resides out there that I cannot hope to match without an insane amount of practice and effort for who knows how long.

This piece is great, I love the textures of the clouds, the roofing, and other details of the buildings. The lighting is also great, though I was wondering where the glow from the first two windows on the upper right from the video went but after some thought, I think it would've been too much to have kept that there. If I had to find something that bothers me, it would be that person standing on the balcony, I find it slightly distracting because my eyes want to stare at that one spot and then my mind fills with questions of his/her story, what they're doing there and much more. This piece is amazing, I hope that you'll submit something of a similar theme again soon.

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